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  • Popular North Loi Coral Gardens

    North Loi Coral Gardens

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    What a great way to offgas after a deep dive. The lee lagoon side has some incredible coral, did not see the lasagna noodle type coral on the reef, the edges are like Yoshi Blades. Water appears nutrient rich judging from the hair algae growth

  • Popular Phantom Maru Wreck Kwajalein

    Phantom Maru Wreck Kwajalein

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    Named "Phantom" because of the many attempts before discovery, sits in 150 FSW. There is a subsurface buoy. This trek was Alison's 500th dive.

  • Popular P-BOUY WRECK


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    Last 2 remaining Glen Type submarine carried seaplanes

  • Popular Top of the Wall: Critter Camera

    Top of the Wall: Critter Camera

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    See what comes by the GoPro on the SRP Tripod Camera Tray

  • Popular Citizens of Kwajalein Lagoon

    Citizens of Kwajalein Lagoon

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    Troy's Coral Head August 13, 2012

  • Popular Takin Care of Businss: Kwaj Atoll

    Takin Care of Businss: Kwaj Atoll

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    Criter cam of fishy friends "Takin Care of Business"

  • Popular Top of the Wall Adventure

    Top of the Wall Adventure

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    Top of the wall Carlson Island Reef. Southerly and Westerly winds had stirred up the water

  • Popular Webster - Kwaj Twin Peaks Return 2012

    Webster - Kwaj Twin Peaks Return 2012

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    Return to Kwajalein July-August 2012 and dove my favorite, Twin Peaks Coral Head in the middle of rthe lagoon.

  • Popular Webster - South Pass Highlights

    Webster - South Pass Highlights

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    The grotto and sand eels, Larry's favorite dive

  • Popular Webster - Green Triggerfish: Emon Beach

    Webster - Green Triggerfish: Emon Beach

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    Emon Beach Kwajalein Lagoon

  • Popular Webster - Torruji Fishes

    Webster - Torruji Fishes

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    Fish going about their business - Nikon S8100 Ikelite Housing SRP Tray Supernova 1Klumen video light. Video light adds a new dimnsion, colors explode

  • Popular Webster - Torruji Clams

    Webster - Torruji Clams

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    Clams are abundant at the far end of the B Boat range