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Kwaj 2013

  • Popular Roi Cabbage Patch

    Roi Cabbage Patch

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    Diving on the Roi-Nameur Cabbage Patch

  • Popular 2013 Kwaj Highlights

    2013 Kwaj Highlights

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    Highlights of Kwaj 2013

  • Troy's Chow Call

    Troy's Chow Call

    by Webster Added 497 Views / 0 Likes

    Turn over broken coral and the fish come running

  • Popular Speedball Surprise

    Speedball Surprise

    by Webster Added 524 Views / 0 Likes

    Speedball is always full of surprises -- I was thinking \"Crikey Mate\"

  • Popular Bashful Turtle

    Bashful Turtle

    by Webster Added 869 Views / 1 Likes

    Bashful turtle poses for Brad and I and takes a flyover with Spencer -- wonder what's off the wall that the turtle is avoiding

  • Popular Kwaj Diving 2013: Year of the Shark

    Kwaj Diving 2013: Year of the Shark

    by Webster Added 1,033 Views / 0 Likes

    Year of the shark and just having fun. Sharks put on a show on Troy's Coralhead. Beautiful Emon Beach, Kwajalein Atoll

  • Popular Returning to the Surface After Shark Adventure

    Returning to the Surface After Shark Adventure

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    After shark adventure, gauges tell you it's time to leave and return to the surface world. More sights await as you make your way to the surface and off gas at the same time. This way beats hanging on a anchor line.

  • Popular Just Havin' Fun

    Just Havin' Fun

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    The Tray's Coral Head turtle takes on an adventure



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    After the war (WWII) these SBD Dauntless dive bombers were decommissioned (stripped of usable parts), loaded on a barge and sent to their final resting place in 100 feet of salt water on the bottom of the Kwajalein lagoon. These planes saw valiant service

  • Popular Close Encounters

    Close Encounters

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    An excellent adventure

  • Popular The Shark Whisperers

    The Shark Whisperers

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    Shark calling on Troy's Coral Head

  • Popular Kwaj 2013 Early Look at Video

    Kwaj 2013 Early Look at Video

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    Early Video 2013